Bespoke Wedding Planning is a Salem based wedding planning company. Our purpose at Bespoke Wedding Planning is to make each wedding stress free for not only the couple but for the family as well. Each wedding we put countless hours of work and planning (yes, even the day-of packages) into and we do it for the hug at the end of the night. We do it for the “I don’t know how it would have been done without you.” Our focus is you. If you’re happy, then we’re happy. We don’t settle for anything else. This is why even in our smallest basic package we meet with you up to three times before the wedding. This is to not only get to know you better but to make sure the planning process is going smoothly.

Bespoke Wedding Planning is based out of Salem, Oregon but we go where our clients need us. We love seeing new places and working at any venue. The owner and main planner is Tarah Lavery. She has been working in the wedding industry since 2011 starting with a large wedding coordination company and eventually opening up her own business in 2014. She loves drinking coffee, going on adventures, and talking about weddings. Tarah and her husband decided to open up Bespoke Wood Gifts in 2017 because they wanted to take the personalized approach to not just wedding planning but also home and wedding gifts. Check out the online shop for the most recent and always changing inventory.

Here at Bespoke Wedding Planning we really believe in what we do and feel like we make a difference for each couple. Regardless of who is getting married we would swear up, down and sideways that you need to hire a professional wedding planner. No. It doesn’t need to be Bespoke Wedding Planning. It needs to be someone that you can connect with and you fully trust and that is not involved in the wedding( i.e. a bridesmaid or Mom). We want to be there and help you, but we aren’t the right fit, that’s okay. Besides the photographer, your wedding planner is the number one person you’re going to spend the most time with before and during your wedding- you better be able stand them. Again, our focus is you. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

To find out more about us and the owner Tarah, go to our blog and find out more!

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