What is Wedding Management

Wedding management is similar to what others call “day-of” or “month-of” coordination. I use to call my services month-of coordination but I felt that it was really misleading terminology. Even a few years ago I would still be coming two months in advance for my month-of coordination package. Now that I have added on more meetings and more services to my basic package, I have changed my terminology to wedding management to better reflect my new services.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about day-of packages. No planner walks in on day of or even week of an event and knows what the heck to do. Most planners put in at least 10 – 20 hours prior to the wedding by creating timelines, contacting vendors, and running rehearsals. After it is all said and done, most planners have put in 20-40 hours of work for limited day-of packages. If you stop reading here, please take away that your planner, me or otherwise, is putting in so much more work than the 8-12 hours on day-of.

Now, what I offer and why it is different. From day one, you can email me anytime about anything you might be struggling with. While I might not be able to resolve every issue for you, I can certainly give you advice or recommendations that may help. You’ll also receive the list of my go-to vendors recommendations. Then at six months, we’ll sit down and talk about any issues or questions you have. During this meeting I am your sounding board and advice giver. During this meeting we will also outline your basic timeline for the wedding. Then we’ll sit down two months before the big day. We will discuss everything. I mean everything. We go over my eleven page document that will drill down to the smallest details and dynamics of the wedding. From that meeting you’ll receive a full to do list and finalized timeline. I will then start communicating with your vendors about logistics and timeline. Then I help with almost anything on day of to ensure the day goes smoothly. I always bring an assistant so I’m able to be in multiple places at once and produce efficient services.

So you may be wondering why I would do all this extra work. The answer simply is I LOVE helping my couples. I’ve found my couples are happier and less stressed when they have more touch points during the planning process. I like getting to know my clients an earning their trust. Because of this, I only take two weddings in a given month. This allows me to stay sharp and focused on each client.

So this is a ridiculously long winded way of explaining that I now offer “wedding management” rather than “month of coordination”. While it’s pretty similar to month of coordination, its better and more involved. And I do it because I love what I do and I love my clients. CLICK HERE to see all the details of what is involved in my wedding management package.

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