Bespoke Wedding Planning

I’m going on year seven of working in the wedding industry. Of those seven years I’ve spent three with Muse, two years at Bravo! Wedding & Events, two years at John Ross Music & Production, dozens of random sub-contracted weddings and almost four years of my own wedding planning business. Needless to say I’ve worn many hats in just a few short years. I’m one of those people that fellow vendors will see me at a bridal show or a networking event and ask “what company are you with again?” Or “who are you representing tonight?” I’m finally at a point where there is only one answer and that is I am Bespoke Wedding Planning.

When I opened up my own business I had no intention of making a true commitment to developing my brand. Only by a coworkers’ persistence I actually created a name, website, and email address all with little thought. Now that I’ve made it a full three seasons, I’m ready to define who I am and what my company is all about.

So… Bespoke Wedding Planning…

Let’s start with the basics. If you are unaware of what bespoke means, it simply means custom made, made to order, or anything but “off the rack”. You’ve probably heard this term when talking about bespoke suits for men. My focus from day one has been exactly this. My clients are not just a wedding date, a pair of last names, or just a client. I know my clients personal, family and wedding struggles and I try to lend a helping hand in anyway I am involved throughout the entire planning process and not just the days or weeks leading up to the event.

As I make my transition from Tarah Trump Weddings to Bespoke Wedding Planning my core values remain the same. I only take one wedding per weekend – and I don’t book the previous weekend with all of my Month-of Plus or larger packages so I’m truly able to help my clients with all last minute needs.

So please, stick around as I make this transition to Bespoke Wedding Planning.